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A Bulldog always CARES

What is CARES?

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an approach to teaching and supporting positive behaviors and meeting the needs of ALL students.

The focus of this program is to teach students proper behavior, acknowledge and reward students for consistent positive behavior, and intervene when behavior expectations are not met.

The foundations of PBIS at Lloyde High school are the five behavior expectations of CARES:
 Commitment
 Attitude
 Respect
 Encouragement
 Safety

PBIS Components:
In addition to the five behavior expectation, Lloyde’s PBIS includes four other components.
Behavior Expectations posted in different areas of schools (cafeteria, bathroom, classrooms, hallway and parking lot), the behavior expectations explain the behaviors expected in each setting.

Each day student have the opportunity to exhibit these expectations and receive a ticket to be placed in the weekly raffle on Fridays. Students are awarded with gift cards, certificates, thank you cards, prizes and more! Direct Teaching
Students are taught through direct instruction and modeling each expected behavior.

CICO (Check-in Check-out):
Reserved for students who need more personal support, CICO is designed to create a one-on-one personal relationship between high-risk students and a teacher on campus.
Students are required to check-in every morning with their assigned teacher, where they also pick up their Daily Progress Report checklist. They bring their checklist to each of their teachers for each period to be filled in at the end of each period. At the end of the day, the student will report (check-out) to their assigned teacher and if necessary, discuss their day.

PBIS results:
Lloyde High School is current applying for recognition from the Los Angeles County Office of Education for their exemplary work in this area.


We need your help! Here is what you can do to support PBIS at Lloyde High School:

• Volunteer your time to help the PBIS team or at other PBIS events
• Donate items that could be used in the PBIS raffles
• Donate items for staff incentives
• Encourage your child to support PBIS by following the PBIS core values at home

If you are interested in more information about CARES and how to support our efforts, please contact Ms. Vanessa Seanez at 310-263-3213 or [email protected]