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Military-connected Students

Lloyde High School understands that one of the largest workforces in the United States is the military, with over two million active duty service members and individuals serving in the National Guard and Reserves. California has the nation's largest concentration of these service members, and many are parents/guardians of minor children. As such, Lloyde High School seeks to reduce the burden on military-connected students and their families by articulating the most critical transition supports for military-connected students and their families by providing them with the support and resources to meet their unique needs. 
Whenever a student's parent/guardian is serving on active duty or has been discharged from military service within the last year and the student transfers to a new school as the direct result of the military transfer or discharge, LloydeHigh School, prior to the receipt of official transcript(s) or the arrival of the student, review the student's coursework to date, including any official transcript(s), to determine the appropriate placement of the student in classes. The evaluation will also include communication with school counselors and teachers at the former school.
Enrollment and Registration
The Principal will facilitate the enrollment of children of military families and ensure that they are not placed at a disadvantage due to difficulty in the transfer of their records from previous school districts and/or variations in entrance or age requirements.

A military-connected student will be deemed to meet district residency requirements if his/her parent/guardian, while on active military duty pursuant to an official military order, is transferred or is pending transfer to a military installation within the state. Lloyde High School will accept electronic submission of such a student's application for enrollment, including enrollment in a specific program, and for course registration. 

When a child of a military family transfers into Lloyde High School, the Principal or designee may enroll the child based on the child's placement in the previous district, pending receipt of the child's records. Upon enrollment, the school will immediately request the student's records from the student's previous district.

Academic Planning
When a child of a military family transfers into Lloyde High School, the school will accept and issue full credit for any coursework that the student has satisfactorily completed while attending another public school, a nonpublic, nonsectarian school or agency, or a juvenile court school and will not require the student to retake the course.
Lloyde's academic counselor and support staff will help military-connected students establish immediate and long-range educational plans, achieve academic standards, and complete the required curriculum in accordance with their individual needs, abilities, and interests. Insofar as possible, parents/guardians shall be included when making educational plans. 
Lloyde's counseling and support staff will help all students plan for the future and become aware of their career potential. Academic planning for higher education shall include information about courses needed for admission to colleges and universities, standardized admission tests, financial aid, and scholarships. Additionally, counseling staff shall identify and work with students whose personal problems may prevent them from reaching their potential. As appropriate, students shall be informed about agencies that offer qualified professional assistance with substance abuse, and physical or emotional support.
Transition Programs
Military-connected students and their families at Lloyde High School will participate in an intake meeting before beginning classes to learn the ins and outs of success at Lloyde High School. Students will take an introductory class their first term on campus called "Success at Lloyde," focused on learning the academic requirements across campus, getting involved in the campus culture and community, as well as participating in socio-emotional learning lessoned focused on the whole student. All terms are only 10 weeks long, so there is never a long wait before the next term starts and a fresh set of classes are available to each student.
Military Recognition
Centinela Valley Union High School District recognizes the commitment of members of America's military services. The district recognizes both Memorial and Veteran's Day annually and understands that both patriotic holidays honor the military and those who have served in the Armed Forces. Every year, Veteran's day is recognized during the November Board meeting while Memorial Day is recognized during the May Board meeting. 
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